Standing NCMAR Committees

The North Central Massachusetts Association of REALTORS has standing committees to discuss and submit ideas to enhance the services and benefits of the association. Committee members donate their time and expertise to assist the association on a number of topics and priorities.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or would like to speak with a committee about something of interest or concern you may contact NCMAR at

Awards Committee – The Awards committee reviews applications for our yearly awards including REALTOR of the Year, Business Partner of the Year and our Good Neighbors.   To serve on this committee requires you to be a previous winner of one of the awards presented. Chairperson Jean Rubin.

Community Involvement Committee – Committee members coordinate with local charities and community projects to help these organizations meet their goals. Our charitable efforts will focus on housing and homelessness in our local area. Chairs Brieanna Kelley and Brenda Cole-Milner.

Finance Committee – Committee members need to have general knowledge of financial statements to review the statements quarterly. The committee makes changes to the investment policy and prepares the yearly budget. Chairperson Shauna Roberts

Government Affairs Committee – Committee members meet with our local officials and legislators to communicate important legal issues that affect real estate and private property rights. They will also coordinate with local cities and towns on revitalization projects. Chairs Michelle Haggstrom and Nick Pelletier.

Membership & Events Committee – Committee members communicate and engage with our membership to meet our members’ diverse needs. This committee works towards the recruitment of new members and retention of current members. Committee members plan and coordinate the many events we hold throughout the year with association staff. They also will assist staff at these events when needed. Chairs Brenda Albert and Lisa Thomann.

Scholarship Trustees – The Trustees review applicants and select the recipient of the Community Scholarship Award each year as well as manage the Scholarship Fund and fundraising efforts each year. Chairperson Pamela Conway