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Current Legislative Issues

NCMAR members support the right of every citizen of the Commonwealth to purchase, sell, develop, lease, manage, own, and use private property with the fullest freedom possible, realizing that such rights must be exercised in a fashion that sustains or improves the quality of life for all.

NCMAR Researches and Educates About Current Issues

Realtor® Member Values

  • The right of the individual to own and freely use real property and to the extension of that right to every individual without exception.
  • The free and full exercise of the “bundle of rights” (ie. possession, control, disposition, exclusion and quiet enjoyment) inherent in the ownership of real property and to the fullest possible enjoyment of the benefits conferred by these rights.
  • The protection and preservation of the free enterprise system which provides the opportunity for fullest expression and enjoyment of the “bundle of rights”.
  • Freedom for individual initiative, free and open competition, and safeguarding human dignity by defending human rights.
  • Dedication to the fundamental proposition of the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics.
  • The protection of the environment is of paramount importance and must be achieved in balance with the protection of the rights of individuals to enjoy the full benefits of real property ownership.
  • The support of these values by advocating for or against various legislation, researching and educating members about legislative issues, and showing support and dedication to private property rights and home ownership in Massachusetts.