What is RPAC and PAF?

Realtor® Political Action Committee

The Massachusetts Association Political Action Committee (MASSRPAC) is your business insurance.

It protects the real estate industry from onerous laws and regulations that threaten your business. MASSRPAC safeguards your bottom line by defending the business of buying and selling real estate from legislative and regulatory threats.

The Massachusetts Realtor® Political action Committee is a grassroots network of members who raise campaign contributions for Pro-Realtor® candidates, mobilize voters, and promote legislative issues that affect the real estate industry.


Since 1969, the Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC) has promoted the election of pro-Realtor® candidates across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is clear: Realtors® raise and spend money to elect candidates who understand and support their interests.

Voluntary contributions are made by Realtors® in recognition of how important campaign fundraising is to the political process. RPAC doesn’t buy votes but enables Realtors® to support candidates that support the issues that are important to their profession and livelihood.

What RPAC Can Do for You?

  • Determine how legislation at the local, state and national level will impact you and your clients.
  • Lobby lawmakers about the issues that affect property rights.
  • Work with local associations to make your communities better through local issues campaigns.
  • Participate and remain active in the state to make sure your voice is heard.

RPAC Saves You Money

Preserving Mortgage Interest Deduction, helping to stop the proliferation of real estate transfer taxes, and working against the proposed mandatory energy scoring of homes are just a few ways RPAC investments determine the future of your industry. 

Vote, Act, INVEST!

Every investment makes a difference and your participation helps us continue the fight. To invest in RPAC online, click HERE or download the RPAC Investment Form.

In 2019, NCMAR members made investments in MARPAC over $7,000  Five NCMAR members, Paula Savard, laura Shifrin, Kurt Thompson, Rick Healey and Kendra Dickinson, are MASSRPAC Major Investors whose investments total more than $5,000.

For more information visit: https://www.nar.realtor/rpac

REALTOR Political Advocacy Fund (PAF)

The REALTOR Political Advocacy Fund (PAF) is used to educate members and the public on issues that affect the real estate industry or private property rights. The funds are not used to elect candidates who understand and support their interests like RPAC does.  Contributing to the PAF will support the REALTOR® Association’s ongoing grassroot efforts to protect homeownership and promote legislative issues important to REALTORS®.

Every investment makes a difference and preserves the real estate profession and the private property rights of homeowners. To contribute to the Political Advocacy Fund, a personal check can be written out to NARPAF and mailed to the NCMAR office.