Community Projects

Dog Park

In September, a group of REALTORS and Business Partners gathered at the new Fitchburg Dog Park located on the backside of Coolidge Park. NCMAR secured a grant for $2,400 to purchase mature trees to be planted along the fencing of the dog park. The volunteers dug holes, planted the trees, filled the holes and did an awesome job!  Our volunteers were Rick Vallee, Steve Kelley, Karin Anderson, Brian Cormier, Justin Lore, Dylan MacLeod, Linda Lee, Kathy Lore and Sam (the Beagle).

The first pictures below show the temporary banner on the fence of the Fitchburg Dog Park welcoming dogs and their owners to enter.

The second picture is of Justin Lore and Dylan MacLeod rolling a very large tree root ball into the hole they just completed digging.

The third photo is a picture of the volunteers that worked on the tree planting at the Dog Park with shovels in hand. 



NCMAR Community Projects

Activate Mill St.

On July 25 the volunteers of NCMAR assisted in several activities such as weeding the whole area, spray  painting of table and chairs, and painting the walkway from Main Street to Boulder Drive for the newly renovated Mill Street. NCMAR was able to secure a grant of $5,000 from the National Association of REALTORS for this project. Activate Mill Street will transform a remote alleyway in downtown Fitchburg into an inviting, widely used public space. Some of the elements of the project include:

  • Seating opportunities to enjoy the day with family and friends
  • Low cost lighting to add safety and visibility throughout the corridor
  • Moveable astro-turf to transform some or all of the alleyway into a vibrant public space
  • Mural walls and other art installations to transform the space into a public art gallery
  • Decorative window treatments to add color to the downtown landscape
  • Modular decking to serve as a seating area and/or a music venue in warmer weather
  • Street carts opportunities for vendors to sell their food and goods to the public
  • Flexible space that can change based on the seasons, events and consumer demand. 
  • The pictures below show the many volunteers that helped to clean, sweep, spray paint furniture and paint bubble gum pink stripes down the walkway.