Continuing Education Classes for License Renewal

Continuing Education Classes Via Zoom


7/13/2021           10:00am-12:30pm.

Real Estate Professional Ethics (RE33RC11)  Taught by Paula Savard

8/11/2021           10:00am to noon

Environmental Issues (RE63RC10)                  Taught by Andy Consoli    

9/8/2021              10:00am to noon

MA RE License Law/Regulations (RE08RC12) Taught by Andy Consoli   

9/22/2021           10:00am to noon

Purchase and Sales Agreement (RE89R14)    Taught by Attorney Craig Reynolds

10/6/2021           10:00am to noon

M.G.L. Chapter 93A (RE04RC12)                     Taught by Attorney Nik Thalheimer

10/13/2021         10:00am to noon

Architecture (RE14R07)                                   Taught by Andy Consoli    

11/10/2021         10:00am to noon

Residential New Construction (RE46R05)      Taught by Andy Consoli

11/17/2021         10:00am to noon

Residential Appraisal Process (RE26R20)       Taught by Gary Bourque

12/7/2021           10:00am-12:30pm

Real Estate Professional Ethics (RE33RC11)  Taught by Paula Savard

12/15/2021         10:00am to noon

Closing and Settlement (RE07R19)                 Taught by Attorney Craig Reynolds


Video camera’s must be on during the class. Certificates will be issued after the class to those that have their cameras on.

Register for the class by going to the homepage and logging into the Member Login portal. All CE classes are free.